Thank you for your interest in the environment and Eco-Action!

You are taking steps toward being part of the solution — affecting positive change for the environment (raising awareness about earth-friendly lifestyles, how to make conscious consumer choices and how to get actively involved in environmental issues), improving the health of central Florida, and elsewhere – instead of being part of the problem. We are positive that you will find something here of interest to you.

Use this web site to help you enjoy taking action in the central Florida community (and the world beyond), whether joining our canoe clean-up team, participating in our Earth Day events, or simply information to aid in walking the talk in the community.

ECO-Action is a home-grown tax-deductible 501 c 3 started in Orlando in 1993. Since then, we have become involved in a number of local hands-on projects from gopher tortoise rescue to the development of our 10-Step Program to ECO-Wellness, which forms the base of our educational platform. Our best-known activity is our canoe clean-ups, where we have gone to a different location every week (for over fifteen years!) to remove treacherous debris that is harmful to wildlife.

We are open to suggestions and feedback, as well as recruiting members to our organization so that we can continue our work to enhance the quality of life in our own back yard.

Get involved – we look forward to meeting you!

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Central Florida Canoe Clean-ups …for the Critters!